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Latest Barnes & Mullins News

New 'Yany BooStar' Saxophone Tone Enhancement from Yanagisawa

Gold-Plated and Pink Gold-Plated models for even more tone options

Peavey invective™ MH Mini Amp Head Now Available

Following the success of the 120 Watt invective.120 and continuing Peavey’s collaboration with Periphery guitarist Misha Mansoor, the invective MH amplifier packs all of the best tones from its big brother into a portable 20 Watt mini head format.

Revolutionary ‘Double-Top’ Acoustic Guitars from Rathbone

Rathbone Guitars are proud to be at the forefront of bringing the benefits of Double-Top technology to you. So, what exactly are Double-Top models?

New Instrument Disinfectant from Champion Wind & Brass

Antiviral and antibacterial formula. A simple and effective solution for safe instrument and accessory disinfection both before and after playing.

Spector's Stunning Sandblasted NS Pulse Series Now Available

The NS Pulse pushes Spector’s design forward with striking aesthetics and upgraded construction. Its solid Swamp Ash body features a distinctive sandblasted finish, that allows players to see and feel the unique grain pattern of each bass.

New DOMINANT PRO strings from Thomastik-Infeld

Developed to expand upon the possibilities of existing DOMINANT strings, DOMINANT PRO is not aimed to change the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of strings.

Aguilar Special Edition SL ‘Poseidon Green’ bass cabinets now available

Now bassists in the UK & Ireland can pick up the SL 112 and SL 212 cabinets in the new stunning Poseidon Green finish.

New Aguilar DCB® P & J Pickups

Using their dual ceramic bar design, the Aguilar DCB 4P, 4J, 5J and 4PJ introduce a new and unique voice for Jazz and Precision style basses.

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