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Hidersine launch 'Andante' Strings for Violin, Viola & Cello

Posted: 04/06/2024
"Introducing Hidersine Andante Strings: Elevating performance across Violin, Viola, and Cello"


Hidersine proudly introduces its latest release, Hidersine Andante Strings. Created with precision, these strings define excellence in sound and performance for violin, viola, and cello players of all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced player, Hidersine Andante Strings unlock the potential of your instrument.


Hidersine H50 Andante Violin strings set a new standard. Available in sizes ranging from 4/4 to 1/16, these expertly designed strings offer reliability, ease of tuning, and exceptional sound quality. Featuring a rope core, they provide a flexible feel under the fingers, ensuring an effortless playing experience with a warm, defined tone.
Hidersine H60 Andante Viola strings are specially tailored to meet the diverse needs of musicians. These steel-core strings deliver a bright, resonant sound and are wound with an aluminum and magnesium alloy which offer longevity and durability, making them suitable for various playing styles and applications.
The Hidersine H70 Andante cello strings for 4/4 through to 1/2, are ideal for players of all levels and musical genres. These steel-core strings produce a tonally bright and clear sound. Similarly to the viola strings, they are wound with an aluminum/magnesium alloy which boast exceptional longevity and provide a great feel, enhancing the playing experience for cellists.


With an RRP from £2.39 - £39.99, Hidersine Andante Strings are now available to order in sets, and as individual strings for each instrument through musical instruments stores now.

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